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4 Tips to Choosing the Best Nail Art Design

Getting nail art done can be a little addictive. One minute you're wearing the design you've long been eyeing and the next one you're already thinking about which shade to pick next.

In some instances, choosing the best nail art can get overwhelming. You know you'll have to wear that shade for at least a week or two, and you can't decide which option is the most suitable.

In this post, we've listed down tips to help make the decision-making process easier for you. Check it out before heading to the best nail art salon in your area.

1. Your complexion

This could be the reason why you and your best friend couldn’t have the same nail art design. We have different skin tones - some are fair, some have medium skin tone, and some are dark-skinned.

These are all beautiful colors, and for you to make your skin shine further, you need a color that will complement it. For instance, if you have fair skin, consider going for light shades. For the medium skin tone, you can play around with more choices.

If you want, you can have one nail painted first and see how it looks. If you’re dark-skinned, you can go for bright colors. And since you’re doing nail art, you do not need to settle for a single shade for all your fingers.

2. Occasion

Are you attending an event? Going to a party, perhaps, or applying for a job? Or leaving for a vacation? Like the clothes you’re wearing, it’s also important to consider the occasion when choosing your nail polish.

You need to look professional for a business meeting or a job interview, so it helps to wear neutral shades. If you’re out for leisure, then you can experiment and pick fun colors and designs.

You can pick matte, glitters, floral design, and even add gems on your fingernails. The rule is to make sure that the look of your nails is appropriate for where you’re going.

3. Makeup

You can also use your makeup as a guide when choosing your nail polish. You’ll want to look presentable and your overall look, well put together.

Attract positive attention with the look you’re going for. Going for a matchy-matchy look is fine as long as you can carry it. Stick to the look that makes you feel confident.

While you’re at the nail spa salon, consider giving your brows the upkeep it needs with eyebrow embroidery service, or make your eyelash stand out with affordable eyelash extension service.

4. Trends

Check the latest trends but don’t get too caught up following what’s popular online. If you can rock the nail design and it looks flattering on you, go ahead. But if you find that it doesn’t suit you well, let go and try other designs.

Sticking with the classics also isn’t a bad idea, since they’re versatile. Another idea is to review your wardrobe. What colors dominate your clothes? You may also choose a nail polish that works with the majority of your outfits.

Nail Your Polish Every Single Time

If you can’t stop thinking about a specific nail lacquer, ask your nail spa salon if they have it. And don’t forget to inquire about packages they’re offering so you can get more treatments done for less.

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