7 Dos and Don'ts When Getting Eyelash Extension

Aside from the eyebrows, the appearance of eyelashes can also make a huge difference in a bare face. You can go out confidently without any make-up on as long as these two features are looking good.

If your eyelashes are almost non-existent or are sparse, you may consider getting an eyelash extension. This procedure is safe as long as you are getting it from a professional provider.

Before you head out to a salon or cosmetic centre, you might want to go over this quick list of guidelines for eyelash extensions.

1. Do not wear mascara to your appointment. Save time. If you wear mascara to your appointment, your technician will have to remove it first. It is better to arrive bare-faced so you can go straight to the day’s agenda. And since you will be lying down for an hour or so, be sure to put on the comfiest clothing possible.

2. Think about the type of lashes that you want. If you have naturally-straight eyelashes, you might want to choose the same composition for your extensions. A natural look may be a lot better if you will not be attending special occasions any time soon.

3. Keep your eyes closed during the treatment. Be patient and keep your eyes closed. It may feel a little uncomfortable at first, but five minutes into the procedure and you will start to get used to it. You will not feel any stickiness or pain. You may even find yourself drifting off, seeing as to how comfortable the bed is. Once the session is complete, your eyes may be a little bloodshot but that should subside very quickly.