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Have never been to our stores before? Here we have special deals for you to come and try our services! It will be an experience for you in our relaxing and cosy ambience to get your beauty fix that you will never regret coming!

Our PREMIUM services

Specially made for you
Manicure Spa Pixie Nail Spa

All about Nails

Its all about your nails now!

Here to help you with all your nail situation. From a normal buff and shine to creative nail arts, we got you covered!

Red Lipstick

BYE to lipsticks

Lips embroidery for the WIN! No more reapplying lipsticks, no more lipstick stains on your glasses. Get that kissable lips now!

Threading Pixie Nail Spa

Rid that hair

You're never complete without your brows. NO to messy brows!

eyeliner makeup

Open your EYES

Get that sexy eye look with our Eyeliner Embroidery. Say no more to smudging of eyeliner!

On Fleek

How about waking up in the morning and sleeping at night with your eyebrows on fleek? Now you can save tremendous time!


Smooth your WAY

Taking a hairy road can be rough, I prefer the smoother road. What about you? Ready to smooth your way through?

Lash Extension Pixie Nail Spa


If your dream is to wake up
with long, full, dark, and feathery eyelashes — without three coats of mascara, this lash extension
is for you!


Care for yourself

Callus Treatment Pedicure, 3IN1 Treatment, Fungal treatment, corn/wart treatment and many more to help care for your hands and feet! 


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