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9 Dos and Don'ts for Your Eyebrow Threading Session

Threading makes your eyebrows look perfectly sculpted. The procedure uses a cotton thread to remove excess hair by its roots and make your brows symmetrical. Like any cosmetic service, you need to pay attention to the area after your eyebrow threading session in Singapore.

Here are some things that you might want to take note of.

1. Do skip the tweezers. Refrain from plucking your eyebrows two to three weeks before your appointment. Make the most of the threading service by allowing your brows time to grow. Having thick brows will also help you achieve the best shape possible.

2. Do not do it yourself. Threading may seem like a doable art but you will want to leave it to the professionals. Go to a professional brow technician to have your brows done. Your therapist will most likely ask you about your medical history and any cosmetic treatments you have had done in the past. Cooperate and share information so your therapist can also provide you with better, customized services.

3. Do not book appointments during that time of the month. Plan for your threading session. Skip that time of the month as your threshold for pain will most likely be lower. Leave your eyebrows be in the meantime or if possible, have your threading rescheduled should your menstrual cycle arrive earlier than expected.

4. Exfoliate the area. Prepare for your threading sessions by exfoliating the skin around the area. This will help remove ingrown hair and dead skin and also promote the growth of beautiful brows.

5. Do skip brow makeup. For your appointment, skip the eyebrow makeup and avoid wearing mascara. If you are going to a meeting or special occasion afterward, you might want to coordinate this with your technician so their team can also do your make up after your session.

6. To communicate with your brow technician. Let your brow technician know more about the results you desire. See their previous works so you would have a better idea of the services that they offer. Perhaps you are also interested in other cosmetic treatments, such as the Korean 6d eyebrow embroidery or the painless eyebrow embroidery in Singapore. Find out if they also provide these services and ask about their packages or ongoing promotions.

7. Do wash your face with cold water. Reduce tenderness and redness in the area by washing your face with cold water. Applying aloe vera may also help soothe and relieve irritation. Listen and follow your technician’s aftercare instructions. Should the irritation persist, contact them for further advice or have your brows checked by a doctor.

8. Do not touch the threaded area. Avoid touching your eyebrows to prevent irritation. Touching the area can transfer germs to the open pores and cause breakouts. Skip steamy showers, swimming pools, saunas, and direct exposure to sunlight. A day after the inflammation subsides, you may start fully enjoying your new brows.

9. Do not apply creams or lotions just yet. You would also want to skip potential irritants, such as fragrances and creams, for a few days. The threaded area is vulnerable and may get clogged due to facial products. If you can do less after the threading, the better.

Choose your eyebrow specialist wisely to ensure the best results. Look past the price and see if the technician is fully trained and experienced. Only book an appointment once you are fully comfortable with the team and their services.


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